Back Story


Ritesh asked: Do we get Ching's Secret Sauce in Czech Rep?
Piu asked: Where do I buy GobindoBhog Rice in Europe?
Leena asked: Where can I get Cinthol Soap?
Parvati asked: I would like to get authentic Indian Sweets, Is it possible?

These are some of the many questions that triggered us to build Like any tech startup, we took this up as a challenge and did a beta launch for Diwali (Oct 2019) with "Fresh Indian Sweets". Within just one weekend, we sold out the entire stock. We had successful home deliveries and received rave reviews from our customers. However, our customers wanted more! We realized their needs! We immediately did a seed round funding and started working on wider catalogue for all things Indian.


Dookan - What does it mean?


Dookan in some of the Indian languages (dokân, dukkān, dukkānā, dukān, dükan etc.,) means a shop. It's not unusual to hear people in India use Dookan as a go to place for all kinds of things one would like to buy.
A corner shop (Kirana) is a "kirane ki dookan"
A medical supplies shop is "dawai ki dookan"
A clothes shop would be "kapde ki dookan"
A toy shop is called "khilone ki dookan" and more.
So, Dookan became an undefeated name of choice for a store that sells all Indian stuff in one place. And honestly, it's a nostalgic name that everyone can connect to.


Are you only Online?


We are building Dookan as an Omni channel (online and offline) solution. We are currently focused on online booking and convenient self-pickup or leisurely home-delivery options. However, to cater to non-ambient temperature and fresh produce along with non-perishables, we will soon have Dookan express and Dookan Fresh stores in all major European cities. So, in the very near future if you are looking for fresh idli/dosa batter, sweets, frozen or fresh vegetables you will only be a couple of tram stops away from a Dookan Express or a Dookan Fresh store.


Our Vision


At we celebrate the Desi (Indian) in you! We understand your cravings for authentic Indian things. With us, you can now order your everyday needs and we will bring it right to your doorstep. We promise long-trusted quality products at best prices across Europe with home delivery convenience. At we believe in being smart, quick and efficient, making your life as convenient as possible. Just order online and either get it delivered or collect from a pick up point. Currently we operate across Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Sweden, Bulgaria, Belgium, Denmark, Croatia, Netherlands, Finland, Slovenia, Romania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, France and Spain. This year, we target to serve the whole of mainland Europe.


Our Mission


We are on a mission to build a one-stop shop for all things Indian. Be it your groceries, fresh food, ayurveda/vegan supplies, artifacts, home furnishings etc. you will find them at Dookan. Our team is working tirelessly to build a very wide catalogue and offer them at unbeatable prices.