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Heera Singoda Flour (Water Chestnut) (400g)

Heera Singoda Flour (Water Chestnut) (400g)

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Best Before Date : 31 January 2025

Singoda or Water Chestnut flour is made by drying and grinding water chestnuts. It is a fine, bright, white powder used in India to make food during fasts. Several Indians observe fasts not just on religious occasions but on certain special days in a week. On these days regular wheat flour or rice is usually avoided and Singoda flour is used to prepare the breads and curries.

Nutrient: Protein(2g), Fat(0.1g), Carbohydrates(23.9g), Fibre(3g)

Ingredients: Water chestnut flour is made from dried, ground water chestnuts. The nuts are boiled, peeled and then ground into flour.

Allergen: Nuts

Storage: Store in a clean and dry place

Weight: 400g

Origin: India

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