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Hawan Puja Kit (1pc)

Hawan Puja Kit (1pc)

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The Hawan Puja Kit is a comprehensive assortment of sacred items carefully curated for your religious rituals and ceremonies. This thoughtfully assembled kit includes everything you need to perform a traditional Hawan or Puja with devotion and reverence. Each item in the kit holds its own significance and contributes to the spiritual ambience of the occasion.

The Hawan Puja Kit includes:

  1. Kumkum: Used for making sacred markings.
  2. Haldi (Turmeric): Known for its purifying properties.
  3. Chandan (Sandalwood): Creates a fragrant paste for rituals.
  4. Sindoor: Symbolizes the essence of married life.
  5. Ashtagandha: A sacred blend of eight fragrant herbs.
  6. Gulal: Vibrantly coloured powders for the offering.
  7. Abil Black: A fragrant and traditional substance.
  8. Akshat: Rice grains used in rituals.
  9. Loban: Aromatic resin for purification.
  10. Agarbatti: Incense sticks to invoke divine blessings.
  11. Kapus Vati: A sacred vessel for offerings.
  12. Kapus Vastra: A pure cloth for covering sacred items.
  13. Doop Kadi: Camphor for ceremonial use.
  14. Kapur: Camphor for lighting and purification.
  15. Gauri: Represents the divine feminine.
  16. Samidha (Wood): Sacred firewood for the Hawan.
  17. Bhukka (Packet): Offerings for deities.
  18. Gandh Goli: Fragrant herbal balls.
  19. Honey: Symbolic of sweetness and purity.
  20. Attar: Fragrant essence for anointing.
  21. Raksha Dhaga: A protective thread.
  22. Jaanv: Sacred thread for rituals.
  23. Panch Mewa: A blend of dry fruits and turmeric for offerings.

This Hawan Puja Kit is designed to enhance your spiritual practices and create a sacred atmosphere during your rituals, helping you connect with the divine in a meaningful way. It is a complete package to ensure that your ceremonies are conducted with utmost devotion and authenticity.

Nutrients: NA

Ingredients: NA

Allergen: NA

Storage: Store in a clean and dry place

Weight: 1pc

Origin: India

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