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Raw Green Mangoes / Kacchi Kairi (500g)

Raw Green Mangoes / Kacchi Kairi (500g)

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Raw mango, also called Kachchi Kairi in Hindi. Raw mangoes are firm and not as juicy as the ripe ones. It is more versatile fruit when it comes to cooking mangoes. Unlike the sweet fragrance of the ripe fruit, raw mangoes have a pungent smell. They can be grated and pickled, added to curries or simply made into a chutney. In its powdered form called Amchoor. it is sprinkled on fruits and used in regional Indian dishes to lend a summery sour flavour. Due to Coronavirus, increase in Air Freight have pushed the cost up significantly. This product can be shipped to any location but it's non-refundable.

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place, Refrigeration recommended

Weight: 500g

Origin: Ghana

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