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TRS Red Cow Peas / Adzuki (Red Chori) (500g)
TRS Red Cow Peas / Adzuki (Red Chori) (500g)

Grains & Flour

TRS Red Cow Peas / Adzuki (Red Chori) (500g)

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Brand: TRS

  • Red cowpeas looks like beans, but are smaller, and red in color, with a great nutty flavor. The red varieties are more common.
  • Like other legumes, they are very rich in protein and other nutrients. This seed crop is also called red chori, and in botanical terms, referred to as Vigna unguiculata.
  • Cow peas feature in many african foods. They are used in preparing various soups, or boiled and eaten with yam, plantain, and cocoyam.
  • They can be cooked by boiling until becomes soft and tender, and eaten with rice, or as a side meal.
  • Cow peas can also be used in making peas casseroles, purees and cake. Cow peas cook faster than beans. Cow peas’ flavor can be improved by adding chilies, garlic, tomatoes and onions.

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